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Default Re: Why aren't hardware devs taking AAX seriously?

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
Unfortunately, yes.

It's simply a game of numbers and we Pro Tools users are unfortunately a small number when it comes to music composition in the Electronic Music world who are the predominant target audience for these devs.

It sucks, but Pro Tools is not the platform of choice for these producers.

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That doesn't make sense.. Pro tools is fantastic for EDM composition, i would know, i've been composing EDM since i was 18 (now 45 in a few days), started on cakewalk DOTS lol, went to logic, cubase, sonar, used them all, even learned DP9 for 30 days.. All i did for the 30 day demo was spend 8 hours a day on it learning it backwards.. and Pro tools midi ROCKS and is totally unfairly bashed..

I don't think our user base is that small...I think it's actually a lot bigger than people realise. almost every video of even a plugin review i see on the tube is using pro tools.. it has more free tutorial videos than anything else..
I think we are many in number. Lastly.. i don't see how things like an integra are only suited to electronic music.. that's a rompler with some very realistic sounds for acoustic stuff.

The problem is, because of these fools, many DO use another DAW.. that part is true! just so they can use all this gear natively..

And even me, who is happiest with my daw now than i have been since 1997, came close to leaving because of what is being discussed in this very topic..
I wanted to use my virus and integra and dave smith editors natively as plugins.. And i am *really* irritated about the lack of AAX support, and i get tempted every other day.. but ultimately, i perform some task in pro tools and i say, "that's how it's done", and stay. Because the whole workflow of the darn thing makes more sense than any other DAW.. not to mention ease of use and gorgeous UI one can look at all day without any eye strain.

This topic is pretty much exclusive.. What I mean is, it really is ONLY plugins that control hardware synths that aren't in AAX.. all other major players have aax.. all of them.. there is not one effect or virtual instrument that needs to be ported to AAX.. we have everything and even some aax only stuff to truly balance out the stuff that might be, say, AU only. On windows it's different cause of the huge vst scene, but on mac, where the majority of pro tools users are (according to surveys), we have aax of almost everything BUT hardware plugin controllers.

So no, i don't buy your reasoning.. otherwise people like plugin boutique would not be making aax versions of everything, for example, and many other devs that focus totally on EDM plugins only, would not port to AAX, if it was a waste of time vs return on investment to do so. These bountiful amount pf AAX plugins simply wouldn't exist.

It's something else.. it's the people who CAN afford to do it who SHOULD be doing it and aren't. Korg making gadget AAX is a perfect example of how important aax is now. They never made a legacy cell AAX! So again, why bother if not enough users?

Midi hardware control in pro tools is literally the best of all the DAW's and the only one where you can do positive or negative delays at the sample level for each individual midi port. Others are in ticks or milliseconds. Therefore, one can get hardware midi timing tighter in pro tools than in any other DAW.. that's a fact. Every synth is different and all of mine have been tuned to be as close as possible, and everything is so tight.. much tighter than it was in Logic or Cubase..
Again, pro tools is ideal for midi hardware.
perhaps if a DEV jumped in, and told us real world AAX demand vs AU for example, say of a very well known and very famous plugin, then we could get some more insight into the issue.
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