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Default Re: Can't import audio (Assertion Error Line 559) with Pro Tools 11 on El Capitan

Originally Posted by randomdude84 View Post
...Whats horrible is that i received an email, which i still have from may 2015, for a free upgrade to pro tools 12. Like i said, i have not played around in a while and am just getting back to it now. The free upgrade is no longer in my items not yet downloaded section of avid.
I also missed out the on discounted upgrade pricing email which expired the 31st of May
Am I really out of luck here? Im not sure what other problems I will encounter but I certainly need to be able to import audio into my tracks.
Im wondering if which is where i purchased my protools bundle from will help me out with this
and to think that a year ago i had a free upgrade in my avid online account
If it was in PNYD then it should still be there (unless you downloaded it). Checking your account... looks like you did back in May 2015 as you have v12 in your Avid account ("Crossgrade from PT EX") and the 10/11/12 bundle is in your iLok account waiting to be activated (surrender your 10/11 bundle).

Hope this helps.
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