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Default Mezzo...

I have an iLok licence for Mezzo 4.7 and the Mezzo 4.7 software, on an OSX10.4 machine.

Over a year ago this all worked and I was able to extract some projects.

Today when I run Mezzo I get a dialog window stating: "Required software extensions are missing", " Click OK to be transferred to the PACE website"

When clicked it takes me to the iLok website with an error 404.

I do have a file I saved called "interlokextensions.hqx" but I have tried plonking that file in lots of places but no joy.

I know it's a huge ask, but can anybody offer any suggestions?

While I'm here, may I just say a big thank you to Steve Kellogg, and his brother Jack, I think, the creators of Mezzo, a company called Grey Matter Response I do recall, you really did shaft us, I'm sure I will bump into you one day, and I will be able to thank you in person
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