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Default Re: R35 resistor fell off my card!

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Considering it's probably a surface mount part it's not that easy to replace. Your typical soldering iron jockey won't be able to do it - I should know as I used to deal with surface mount parts a lot. Also the economics - most sites won't sell you just one resistor. Most will want to sell you a minimum of 10 or more. Also for a small order like this the shipping will cost you more than the parts will. Radio Shack does NOT stock or even carry these kinds of parts.

That being said you could try Newark at:
or Mouser at:

How in the heck did you lose just one surface mount part? If it happened in flexing the board then you have other issues as there's probably several other parts that have had either their cases cracked or solder joints cracked.
There one particular resister that's prone to being knocked off by the MacPros Card support. Not sure if its R35 but its a documented issue. Normally it requires the card to be sent to Avid for repair.

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