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Very good gentlemen.....Thank you.

Yes the session opened fine and it played back fine so I began working on it.....and i have gotten to the point where i need the bass (i had bounced the org VI track to audio) and the VI just had such a good bass sound (or at least the one i really liked for the track) and i would like to go back and use that sound. It's really the only sound i can even remember using in reason.........

Thanks again.

and the ????? they are just on the pinky finger and since i have to type one it's so easy to just put several ????? - Maybe when Mountion Lion is AVID certified i won't have to type at all anymore........Maybe it will be like this ....

"Siri play me back track 4 starting at bar23" "now solo that and bring the level up to -3db......''

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