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Default WTF happened to drumagog 5?

I've been a Drumagog user for a LONG time. Yesterday I opened Drumagog 5 for the first time in a while to do a snare replacement - PT hangs. I reboot, trash prefs, reopen the session and try again - same thing. So at this point the producer says, "Screw it", and I'm going to have to take money off the bill for down time. I've been looking around and I see lots of people are having the same issue. I uninstalled, reinstalled the latest version. Nothing. On their forum they say they can't reproduce the problem. Here I see lots of people having the issue. What's going on? Have they written off the product? Has anybody found a solution?

I have to finish this project Monday and if I have to buy another piece of software I'm a former Drumagog owner.
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