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Default Re: Why Native vs. DSP Cards?

Originally Posted by Filmusic View Post
learning of the 'stuff' that makes a native card different in performance from an older tdm system will be really helpful
Is the difference between HD Native and HD TDM processing power?

HD Native offers the same I/O Hardware as HD TDM. HD Native offers the same Peripheral Support as HD TDM. HD Native does not offer however the same HD TDM I/O. HD Native is limited to 64 I/O. TDM Plug-Ins?

Simplistically, apples verses apples, what does HD TDM DSP Cards offer over HD Native host processing power? Is host processing power reliable? Is it stable? Avid believes so. There would not be a HD Native solution otherwise. Can host processing power guarantee performance?

What about latency? We're not running year 2000 Pentium 4 Processors with 400 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) speeds anymore. If anybody can detect latency at a Hardware Buffer Size of 32 Samples then perhaps they should be pioneering the final frontier without a spaceship, no?

Can host processing power deliver session performance whilst maintaining a 64 Sample or lower Hardware Buffer Size? Yes.

HD Native is only getting better.
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