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Default Re: MIDI making me tear out my hair.

I thought I would also give an example.

Lets say that I have three tracks, two audio for guitar and bass and one instrumental track for midi. I direct line in for both the audio tracks, I have never had a problem with those tracks sounding bad. Vocals are always good too. However I pull up the instrumental track and load Xpand as a plugin, levels are good and nothing seems to be out of order. I can hear the piano through the monitor as I do a couple of rehearsal playthroughs on the keyboard it sounds great. Ok, I begin to record and it goes really well, everything seems to register just fine in both views. Now its time for me to play it back and hear my work that sounded so great earlier and for a minute it sounds as if there is no MIDI in the intro and then I hear a series of clutched together off time notes and then it renders the rest of the song into a monstrous piece of crap by botching every note the rest of the way. The notes cease to be individual and are kind of combined and then the few isolated notes are off time by whole measures. Voila! My song is crap now and I give up for the night in frustration and I give up because I cannot get what I want out of this software that I paid good money for. I'm quite literally begging for assistance, I cannot afford to go out and buy a newer version.
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