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Default MIDI making me tear out my hair.


I have kind of an old setup that I bought all together a few years back. Its Pro Tools LE 7.3 with the update, an Mbox Mini and an Axiom 61 key controller. Although I have successfully recorded midi as instrument tracks before in other projects every time I use the great ambient piano sound in Xpand it is MAJORLY off time. I have Sampletank 2 and Reason 5.0 and both seem to record ok, but Xpand just gives me fits. The notes are all chopped up and off time on playback. I am not a bad piano player, and I can hear very clearly what it is that I have done when playing it but upon playback I want to kick my computer out the window. Since I am pretty much on my own as a musician and rely on midi to fill in a lot of gaps it has been quite a source of frustration for me. Another thing is despite the fact that I have recorded many things, I kind of fumbled on learning the program fully and mostly felt my way through the basic functions. The tutorial they had with the program was pretty outdated and most people out there are using a newer or different version on YouTube, so it doesn't really help me. I literally know very little about how the program works so if its a setting that I got wrong then I would not really know what to do unless given instructions on how to find it, I am pretty computer savvy in general but not with Pro Tools. I was thinking the problem could be with Xpand itself, so I am going to update it when I get a chance. Any further advice or assistance would be met with a great deal of appreciation.
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