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Default Venue SC48 and PT8LE

Hi there,

I'm preparing a live recording of an orchestra, and want to use the Venue SC48 in combination with my MacPro/Digi003Rack/PT8LE setup.

I only have one shot to get things right (the orchestra plays only one concert) and have to hire the Venue SC48 (so I don't have that much time to try stuff out).

I already did some live FOH gigs on Venue's, so I'm familiar with operating the desk from the mixing point of view.

But concerning the use of the SC48 with PT8LE I want to know:

1. Are there any softwareversion-issues I should be aware of?

2. Can I have BOTH my 003Rack AND the SC48 running on the same Mac at the same time? (so I can have 24tracks available for recording)

3. Will one iLok key (mine is in my MacPro) be ok?

Any other "do and don't" 's on this matter are very welcome, as I don't have much time to try things out (and the mic count is already 42, and rising...)

Thanx in advance!
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