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Default Re: 2019.5 questions

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post

You may want to try disabling Open Windows on Workstation Attention if you are going to keep the trigger for "Edit Window" ticked for Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area. I would also disable Close Windows When No Longer Editing. Both of these can be found under Settings > User.

There are some significant optimizations being worked on that Eddie can probably speak to.



Thanks Jeff.

I will give these a shot on Monday. However, it would be soooo cool if this just worked seamlessly. Iím editing AND mixing at the same time, so having that Eq window switch with my selection is super powerful. But the performance hit is just unworkable.

Right now its a tease of what life could be like.

Would love to hear about optimizations from Eddie.

Have a great weekend!
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