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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by simon.a.billington View Post
Damn!! Well at least that last part you can report. It probably just slipped past their QA Testers, it can happen. So you should probably make them aware of it. Or bring it up with thelizard.

I have seen him around by the way. KVR I think. If I recall correctly I remember he mentioned they were working on a synth. I havenít seen anything on it yet through. Perhaps they were focusing on getting Triad out the door??
UA knows about the problem from multiple people. As far as the synth it's called Lion and it's still in development. There's not word one about it on their website. Here's a KVR thread on it; the thread rambles for a bit before thelizard posts in it.
I'm not a member at KVR; was at one time but got booted for a reason I'd rather not go into in open discussion. PM me if you want details.
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