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Default Re: -9093 stops are killing me!!!!!

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
So, I got down to some nitty gritty testing today and I am reasonably certain the culprit is Sound Radix Mute-o-matic. I disabled all plugins in a row and it recorded for 14 minutes until I stopped it. Re-enabled the row a dozen tracks at a time and all ran great(recorded for at least 10 minutes with no error) until that plugin was made active. Please post if you also have this plugin in use. much for that idea. Tried killing my 3rd screen....nope. Internet is unplugged.....still too many -9093 stops today (with the cpu meter sitting around 10-11%). No Mute-o-matic in the sessions. Committed the click and thought that was it, but no. Thankful for an understanding client. Not a happy camper.............
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