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Default Re: What would normal disk usage considered to be in the usage window?

Originally Posted by Keybeeetsss View Post
OK now u know u shouldn't have told me NOT to look @ it

& yeah ur rite about some getting paranoid after seeing other peeps problems... I'm one of the few that doesn't let that get me though; My system(s) are usually really stable[knocking on wood on'eim]

I'll check back with ya ur other thread
I'm actually in the same boat. I never had the dreaded playback issue when I upgraded to pro tools 8, or any other significant issues. I generally run a pretty tight ship with my rig and do all the common sense things but this past week and a half I have had more issues than i care to go into. Ironically they were all hardware related. I learned some valuable lessons regarding a certain company and their QC or lack there of and my second favorite Recording amp decided to get all cranky on me so I guess the paranoia has been building for a little while.

Anyway check that post if you haven't already! I'm curious to see what you think.
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