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Default Re: Sudden CPU spike, 6101 and 9128 Errors

Originally Posted by clivvy View Post
this has been a issue for a couple of years not sure if its Avids problem or 3rd party plugins bad coding at this point its a mystery !
Well, I've been using Pro Tools since 2003, so I'm no stranger to issues with their software, but I've always been able to find a fix. It does seem odd that my setup was pretty solid for well over a year, and that this just came out of nowhere. I've added a couple of troubleshooting steps to my original post, but nothing has worked so far.

Still not 100% convinced it's a software issue, either. If I scroll up or down, or zoom in in the edit window during playback, the CPU usage goes way up.

Is this typical? It's got me wondering if this could be a graphics related issue.

Any other insight would be very much appreciated!


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