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Default AAE-9173 error since updating protools

Hi. I've been using protools for a few years now and until recently was using PT11.3. on OSX 11. I have a late 2015 5k Retina 27 inch iMac which is top spec - Intel core i7 4 GHz with 32 gig of ram. I rarely had any issues with CPU. I have recently updated my OS to Mojave and upgraded to PT 2019.10 and I am now plagued with CPU issues - the most frequent being AAE-9173. This is with a buffer size of 1024 samples running sessions that I used to run (often with a lower buffer size) with no issue!!

I have looked on this forum and others and have tried disabling Dynamic Plug-in Processing. The only other suggestion seems to be disabling tailspind and spindump but this seems to me an unsatisfactory answer and I don't know anywhere near enough about what I am doing to want to make changes of this kind. Surely updating to PT 2019 (which has been signed off as compatible with Mojave) should not cause this problem!

If there is something I am missing here about PT 2019 I would be really grateful if someone could help. I am trying to finish a mix on an album that I started in PT 11and it is proving almost impossible because of this issue!

Many thanks in advance
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