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Default Re: what control surface

@Nerd513: why do you bother asking for input from others? you seem to get so irritated by responses from others.

Your question isn't really clear. Are you asking about control surfaces or are you asking about preamps? Are you specifically asking for someone to recommend a control surface like the control 24 that has pre-amps on it?.... When you talk about control surfaces, that usually refers to a fancy controller for your DAW and doesn't always have anything to do with routing i/o.

From what you're saying, it sounds like you're trying to do what is usually done with a decent mixer with clean pre-amps. Is there a specific reason why you don't want to use a mixer? You say you're looking for a control surface but want the functionality of a mixer....?!?!?! I use an Onyx 1620 to feed my 8x8x8 but it's not a control surface. It's a mixer. Are you maybe looking for a digital mixer that doubles as a controller for your DAW? What is your budget?

I think you need to clarify your needs so others can better respond to your inquiry.

On a side note, it makes no sense for you to ask others for help and then get frustrated when you don't get the answers you want or need. Be a more effective communicator and show others more respect. This is a place where engineers try to help each other out. We don't need to bash on each other.
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