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Default Re: Has anyone ever been able Native Core TB on windows?

Originally Posted by bakedbeansrecord View Post
I have a Gigabyte x299x Designare 10G motherboard machine that i just built. i9 10940x cpu. I am trying to get the thunderbolt HD Native to be recognized, but to no avail. How do I adjust the BIOS for this? I downloaded the TB driver listed on the Gigabyte site, but no change.

I knew the change from an OLD Mac Pro to Windows 10 was going to be difficult!
If you are running the newest build of Windows (1909) you need to install not the newest TB driver on the support section of the MB, but the one before it, and then run the newest as its just an update. No fancy trickier, just download and run the installer. Then you have to launch the thunderbolt utility/security. Just search Thunderbolt within Windows. Be sure to have your interface plugged in, drivers installed, and turned on. There may be 2 of the Thunderbolt utilities present, but when you hit the newest one, you should see your interface, and then select "always allow" on the right.

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