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Default Re: MIDI Interface that works with Digi 001?

G,day mate,

I've been out of the loop for a couple of years, so bear with my disjointed answer...

I ran an AMT8 with PT5 on OS9, no worries.... (except for crap timing under CPU load - disable the plug-ins when recording MIDI and I got by).

I then packed up shop and travelled, relocated for the past couple of years...

Just in the process of getting back into it...

My new iBook (OS10.3.9) sees the AMT8, and I'm able to create a virtual MIDI set-up with it.

...I'm in the process of upgrading to the Digi002R so no PT experience yet, but fingers crossed.

(N.B. Digi have confirmed that 'time stamping' is only available to their own MIDI IO interface, and I've yet to discover whether the faster CPU and/or OSX will save me from the heartache of PT5/OS9. If no improvement, I'll be selling my AMT8).

Hope that helps.
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