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Default Re: Auto-Bank to selected track

Thanks, Jeff for your detailed reply, I am still not getting any results with the banking by clicking on a track button or with select enabled by disabling the preference "Auto-Bank to Attention track." I just restarted the computer and the S6 M10 and tried it all again with no luck.

I even tried turning off all User:Attention: Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area (i.e. Track Name, Plug-ins, Fader etc.) just in case that was conflicting somehow.

I do have enabled ""Scroll to Track" Banks Controllers" enabled in Pro Tools. That works for control+shift-clicking a track name in Pro Tools but never banks the surface in banking mode by clicking on a track select button or with select in the tracks page with or without Conift (Control+Shift (⌃⇧)) + select button or track square in Tracks page.

Sorry to be redundant but hopefully that explains the behavior I am seeing. I have watched every video on the S6 I could find online so if you have a video that shows what should be happening that would be great. Seems like it should bank the surface left since that is what my justification modes are set to for all three settings.

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