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Default Re: Auto-Bank to selected track


There are a few different workflows. Let me setup a few and we can dive in if necessary.

(A) Justify and Bank a track from Pro Tools:
Shift + Control Click on a track name from Pro Tools. Make sure that under Setup > Preferences > Mixing you have Scroll to Track Banks Controllers enabled.

(B) Using the Tracks Page on Master Module to Attention & Bank:
Make sure the Tracks page on the Master Module is in Attention mode. Enable Settings > User Auto-Bank to Track Mode = Always. Also enable from Tracks > Local Options the option Auto Bank to Attentioned Track. Simply touch a Track on the Tracks page.

(C) Justifying Tracks in Pro Tools from the Master Module Tracks Page
Make sure the Tracks page on the Master Module is in Select mode.
Hold Shift + Control (qwerty or fader module modifiers) while touching a Track on the Tracks page. The touched track gets Top/Left justified in Pro Tools Edit & Mix windows.

Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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