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Default Re: Reason 11 is Coming

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
And now with Rewire going away what does all this business with vst hosting get anyone? I guess it's vst hosting is only if you use Reason as a daw. It's like they've gone back a couple of steps to Record when it was a separate product.

It sure seems that way. Its almost like they've given up having Reason as an actual DAW, since with R-11, it essentially turns Reason into another VI or plugin, and relegates all the mixing and record functions of the DAW to the users DAW of choice. So, for those Reason users who use it as their main DAW, they'll allow all the VST hosting and such. But if all you want is Reason as another plugin or VI (or both), then you're stuck with only the RE's. Granted, that still makes Reason a very powerful VI/Plugin, given the architecture of the rack and its ease of use. And it opens up some new doors we didn't have before, such as using some of their processors on other audio directly, such as Alligator or Scream, etc. But, not allowing VST hosting as well, seems arbitrary and limits the possibilities unnecessarily.

So here's another thought. Now that Reason is essentially turning itself into a plugin, will other developers create RE versions of their apps like they do now with AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX? Add an RE version as well?

That would make things interesting!
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