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Originally Posted by DanDan View Post
Avid have bought a lot of companies and ideas over the last while.
Focusrite seem to be winding down their use of Sintefex's Liquid Technology.
I just bought LiquidMix HD TDM for €50.
This totally rocks, I would pay a grand for this 'analogue' sound. Much better comps than any software emulation.
However I fear that it will become incompatible soon enough.
Avid, please buy LMDHTDM and keep this amazing treasure store of Pultecs, Fairchilds, Urei's, Tubetech's, etc. alive.

The reason for the fire sale may just be that current generation TDM DSP products are dead technology (in the market, TDM systems will be kept running for tears).

And last time I looked Avid was in such a financial mess they won't be acquiring anything and their management better have more important things to work on.

They also may not want to piss off third party plug-in vendors right now, all of who Avid needs to get on board with the transition to AAX and HDX. And it is not clear if Avid would want to add more work recoding to AAX/QAing/releasing yet more plugins with their ever diminishing number of employees.

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