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Originally Posted by Shan View Post
I can invoke the 6031 errors in HD 100% of the time using 9 of the most recent NVIDIA drivers. These errors vanish when using the default Windows graphic driver. The problem with the default Windows graphic driver is it doesn't offer higher resolutions for larger monitor displays. The Digi recommended NVIDIA driver is to use 181.xx and above but these versions also create 6031 errors. From my tests, it is definitely driver related and not a configuration issue. The NVIDIA drivers appear to be the cause.

What was the graphics card and driver number in the Fullsound system?

This is not true. I'm using a nvidia 7600 and the latest graphic driver and have never seen a 6031 error. So it's a motherboard and graphic driver thing, I think. That is a configuration issue. The other thing that makes it a configuration issue is their are computers that work. They have been tested and are listed on the Avid support web page.
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