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Default Re: where to buy oxford chipset 911 drives (UK)

Originally Posted by JAY_UK View Post
Glad those last links were useful......
yeah thanks again man..... sounds like a good deal too....cause the guy even said g-tech drives are expensive and good rep..... and yet i got a 500gb for around 150..... sounds perfect really..... cant believe it arrives tmwr!
christmas shall be gooooooooooood.

(tehres a slightly chepaer g-tech drive there.... looks same as my one...but the cheaper one does NOT have oxford chip they said)

(that jigsaw company, very good customer service....i emailed EVRY dept. about a query on 2 simmilar drives .... then rang them straight away as i couldnt wait anylonger...and the guy said im reading youre email just now! and they called me back with all the right answers in 10 mins..... very cool)

merry xmas
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