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Default Re: Has anyone ever had one plugin license impact the function of another plugin lice

This is a tough situation because the issue with with Avid plugins but I don't have any support available for that. They're certainly not going to update their PT 11 plugin libraries.

I've had a little downtime today to experiment but no solutions. I can recreate the error every time. I'm not sure what good it does unless I can get the same scenario to play out on the other computer. I don't really have time right now to do all that switching around. I'll keep it in mind for the weekend. I don't want to fully screw up my main computer and get it where it's not working correctly as I've got work to do and broken computers aren't good for the schedule.

I have some preamp cards to refurb and I'd rather be working on that instead of meaninglessly opening and closing projects.
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