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Default Re: Dante Virtual Soundcard

Lat night I recorded Chris Janson at Opry City Stage and I was able to record 48 tracks with dante virtual sound card on my MacBook pro connected to a Yamaha CL5s dante card and standard pro tools 12... go figure not sure why it lets me go over 32 tracks. Interestingly I compared the focusrite mp8rs mic pres sound to the Yamaha Rio stage pres as the yamaha was the backup recording. Very similar sounding really, certainly not a night and day difference. I was expecting the focusrite to be the clear winner. Also the rednet system was locked to black burst via sync hd but after importing the kick from the yamaha session there was only .043 milliseconds of drift between the two systems over the 90 minute show.
The rednet system mic pres are in the venue then travels three city blocks via dark fiber to two hd32rs clocked to the Sync HD using a MacBook pro and PT12HD which is pretty cool being able to remote control the mic pres using focus rite control app from that far away with very little lag.
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