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Default Re: Dante Virtual Soundcard

Originally Posted by lancemcv View Post
Interesting... I know standard Pro Tools 12 is only supposed to support up to 32 tracks max for tracking at a time. I have a full rednet system with two HD32rs via pro tools hd and native thunderbolt. But I also want to run a second backup recorder on a second macbook pro just using Dante virtual sound card and won't need more than 32 tracks. So for fun I just tried Pro Tools 12 non hd, set the Dante Virtual Sound card setting it to 64 ins and outs and in Pro Tools setup I set the IO to default and all 64 channels came up. I am trying this at home not connected to my Dante network but was still able to record 64 tracks... and I am wondering how this is possible. It currently has no master clock, and this was just a quick test but still seems odd that I was able to set pro tools io to 64 ins and outs with the DVS as my hardware choice. I also looked at the Most likely it will only let 32 channels get signal in the end but I was able to record 64 tracks during my test. Will find out when I get it on the network on next week.
Was this on the PC that had the HD Native Thundebolt installed?

I have wondered before if having the Native Thunderbolt or Native Card installed would "unlock" the track limit and allow you to use something like Dante or Madi Extreme to it's fullest potential...
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