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Default Any way to Import a Page of SoftKeys from an older AppSet?

I've been looking through the Eucon documentation and Support Pages without avail, so I'm turning here.

I'm hoping that there is a way to import a "Page" of SoftKeys from an older version of an AppSet.

Specifically, I use Pro Tools. 10 years ago, I bought an Avid Control (Well, MC Control) and programmed 2 pages (135, 136) of custom SoftKeys that I have modified and rely on, to this day. Basically, every time a new AppSet is released for PT, I copy and rename my old User Set to match the current version (ie - "Pro Tools 19Mac.xml")

In the intervening 10 years, the ways that Softkeys are used in Pro Tools has changed, to accommodate the newer hardware and new PT features. A lot of those new pages seem well laid-out, plus there seem to be extra (new) pages available for User Softkeys. I'd really like to take advantage of that, but I also would really like to not have to re-program my 2 pages of existing Softkeys from scratch.

So, what I'm looking for the answer to is - Can I (somehow) import the contents my old/existing SoftKey Pages 135 and 136 into the new default PT Appset (for 2020) in the current Pages used for User SoftKeys (146, 148, 149)?

The SoftKeys Editor in EuControl lets you Import different Appsets, but does not seem to have a function that allows you to import parts of them.
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