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Originally Posted by noiseboyuk View Post
I didn't get on with Falcon 1, but thought I'd try Falcon 2 as it was sat there in my Avid account. I installed just the 2.0 .exe in Windows. The Factory library was already installed on a separate SSD. I didn't uninstall Falcon 1 first, just installed 2 over the top. I don't have any new iLok assets I can see, but the support plan is current.

It loads, but I get an error on launch: "Unable to mount the Volume from C:ProgramData/UVI/Falcon/FalconResources.ufs". I've checked in C:ProgramData, and sure enough there's no UVI folder in there. Anyone any ideas?
Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
Maybe you should have something installed in there?
Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
Actually, it does the same over here (macOS 10.14.6) even though the folder and .ufs file are there
Did you all let the installer put the files where it wanted to install them or did you do a custom install? When I installed F1 and the libraries when I purchased PT 2019.6 I let the installers put them where it wanted to. So I could also use my Digital Synsations stuff inside Falcon without having to manually locate things I just moved that ufs. file to where the Falcon installer put it's files. And when I purchased F2 from UVI I just let it's installer do it's thing and then activated F2 from within ILM. So I now have two Falcon license assets - one from Avid and one from UVI.

Now I don't know what's going on if one has downloaded/installed the Avid version of F2. Whether you get another license asset or what.

And again - F2 is at 2.02 from UVI. Looks like Avid only has 2.00
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