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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by PatriotsBiker View Post
Thanks for the attacks. It's very clear to me that you do not understand straight talk as opposed to the spin talk fluff talk that folks try to use when selling something or are trying better their situations at the expense of others who would be in better shape if they didn't do as asked. This is the sort of spin-talk that we've been getting from folks, and we are getting sick of it. Maybe you don't get this where you are. it's the TALK that I am illustrating. i get offended when these little partial truths are offered to me. Why? Dishonesty.
if you want to start taking my statements apart and attacking them with statements that are truly irrelevant, well, there's no law I guess. Buy you're wrong. Or is this what you do??? Critisize a guy talking about bananas because he used oranges as an example.

i leave you with one question. Do you like being BS'd?

Everything I said was spot on. The point you made about how it effects my music lacked the very relevance you claim to champion.

Good luck.I'm done with you.
Some people believe everything is rosy and why should people complain when given a 'best deal ever'? LDS had to attack one's music making and how does this debacle affect it. It doesn't and he shouldn't have said what he did. He apparently doesn't understand what used to be in the PA ecosystem and what happened with this new system and why people are po'd about it.

I guess no one should ever complain about anything and just accept the bowl of gruel they're given when they used to get steak and potatoes.
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