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Default Re: Petition for Softube Console 1 integration

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Eucon is a plugin controller. That's your overlap. As in all of it. 100% overlap.
The Dock/iPad app and the S6 all have plugin control sections as does the S3 and Artist for throwing things to knobs and faders. I really don't understand how this can be missed. Avid isn't going to open up to lose sales.

If the Softube plugins are how people buy/choose which DAW to use, that's pretty wonky unto itself.
Eucon is a control protocol, and sure, controlling parameters of various plugins is a part of that. Console 1 is just a midi controller that controls a specific plugin, one that runs on their platform.

Avid makes and sells plugins as well, but I guess by your logic they shouldn't allow third party plugins in Pro Tools either, as it could open them up to losing sales.

I don't see which Avid products would be in direct competition with Console 1 but I can definitely see how allowing it to be used alongside Pro Tools (to the extent all other daw manufacturers do) would be of benefit to them and encourage sales.

But hey, what do I know. I've switched to mainly using Studio One after 12 years of Pro Tools specifically because of Console 1 integration, so I must be pretty wonky.
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