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Default Re: Petition for Softube Console 1 integration

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Eucon is free for developers to use (0 charge). It's up to Softube to use it if they want to allow their plugins to be controllable by Eucon.

Avid isn't going to start giving away their hardware controller business to let Console 1 in.

And Softube isn't going to give away their Console 1 sales to allow Avid controllers to operate their plugins.

This is why this is a dead-end petition.
There's little to no crossover between Console 1 and any existing avid products. It's just a plugin controller, that's it. No need for Eucon. Pro Tools just needs to allow it to get track number information, like every other daw.

Then it would compliment Avid's products, like the artist mix. Select a track on your artist mix, instantly have your channel strip controls for that track appear on your Console 1.

The only thing they're doing by not allowing this is pushing users to other daws.
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