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Default Monitoring while recording with native plugins in HD

Hey guys, just figured something out and thought I'd share. Pro Tools disables native plugins while monitoring when you are recording. I just found a workaround for this that maybe people know but maybe people don't know, hence why I'm sharing.

I went the longest time just assuming that I couldn't use plugins while I record (native at least). I used to get the monitoring to work by bussing the track to an aux and slapping the plugins on the aux. Turns out there is an even easier way to do it:

All you have to do is enable a DSP plugin first in the chain, then any native plugin after the first DSP plugin will work just fine. So dumb that this is even a discussion because it SHOULD work with or without this trick but it just doesn't. What I do is just put an Avid "EQ-III 1-band" DSP plugin on the first track with nothing enabled and then follow it with any chain of plugins that I like.

Hope this helps!
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