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Default Re: Basic questions from Logic Pro user learning Pro Tools

Originally Posted by matthewmkb View Post
Thank you. You already helped me a lot. The elastic audio transpose function works great and I am experimenting with the nudge. If I nudge a clip a few ms should I use the relative grid to further move the clips without making them jump back to their non nudged position or is there a way to relative-lock a clip so it won't lose the nudge after being moved in normal grid mode. I'm assuming that's one of the reasons why relative grid mode is there in the first place- to use it.
And keep reading the ref manual.... its quite a read but I think you'll find most of what you have asked is addressed throughout the Ref manual with examples you can perform yourself.... I took about 6 weeks to work through it but was well worth it. I'm currently reading it like a book a couple of times to pick up the things I missed. Also the inbuilt help/search in PT itself is pretty handy at showing you things....
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