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Default Basic questions from Logic Pro user learning Pro Tools

Hello, I am a long time Logic Pro 9/X user and I am currently slowly progressing through the reference guide as I am trying to reproduce my Logic workflow in PT 2018.12.

1. In Logic Pro you can easily delay(+/-) any audio/midi region in ticks without changing its position on the grid or even the position of midi notes inside of it (via the inspector). Is this possible in PT? The only option which I found is the delay in real-time midi properties which physically moves midi notes within the clip and obviously doesn't work with audio. What is the PT way of achieving similar results? Especially for audio clips. I know I can use a delay plugin with small offset but if I want to apply it individually how would I go about it? Use the same delay but via Audio Suite and render it?

2. Is there a keyboard command for changing the height of all tracks? Small -> Medium -> Jumbo etc. I know I can drag the lower edge of a track holding the option key or click on the vertical keyboard near the I/O also holding option key but is there an option to do it exclusively on the keyboard?

3. Is it possible to change the clip gain of multiple clips at the same time by selecting them and holding some key or in any other way?

4. Is there any other way to quickly change the volume of any number of tracks without grouping or grouping is the proper way to go here? Even if I want to quickly drop the volume of 10 completely unrelated tracks?

5. I have mostly the same plugins in PT and LPX but PT starts way, way slower, maybe in 30s compared to 5s in LPX. High Sierra 10.13.6. I have plenty of Waves plugins and T-racks as well. Pulling them out of the aax folder obviously makes PT start faster but does it have to do a quick scan every launch? Logic Pro X doesn't do that, only the initial scan is long and then it only scans for changes. Is it just the way PT does it or is there more to it I should know about?

6. Let's say I have an audio sample on a single track. I want to duplicate it several times and change the pitch of it +2, +4, +5, +7 etc. In LPX I can quickly do it in the inspector using transpose function. I can also fine tune any region. What is the fastest way to pitch up/down several audio clips in PT? Audio Suite and some plugin?

7. Is it possible to transpose by n semitones the input from my midi keyboard so that any record enabled instrument will play in the new scale? Again the inspector from LPX would allow me to do it. Also after recording something it would be possible to show the midi notes already transposed OR the original. Is it possible in PT?

Thank you very much for all the answers. Best regards.

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