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Default Re: Midi export creating note overlaps + gaps

I've got half a dozen files, with varying time signatures, note lengths etc.

They all translate, but they all exhibit a problem in at least one place (sometimes lots of places) knowing where the notes end.

It's an issue I remember well from Cubase Score. If you played something in real time and did not quantise, then looked at it Score Edit, the notes were all over the shop. But once you'd quantised the note ends, it settled down and presented itself properly in score.

But then Cubase has a wonderful quantise feature called' legato' which specifically makes all the notes reach exactly to the start of the next note, with no gaps and no overlaps.

ProTools does not offer this, (unless I've not been told something), so the only solution is to check all the note endings carefully.

I've done this in PTLE, but when the midi file reaches MuseScore, there are the gaps and overlaps - even though they are not actually 'there.'

It's as if ProTools is not making a properly quantised midi file.
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