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Default Midi export creating note overlaps + gaps

I need to output some scores, and as I'm still on 7 (for a now anyway) I've been exporting MIDI files and then importing them into Musescore.

The problem is that although I'm quantising then manually checking the note ends to avoid overlaps (where is the Cubase-style 'legato' command btw?), when I get the file into MuseScore, the darn thing shows loads of ties where it thinks there's an overlap, and little rests where it thinks there's a gap.

The MuseScore forum suggests I try exporting in MusicXML, but it doesn't seem to be available in 7, and I don't think it is in 8 either.

I'm about to buy a new MacBook JUST so I can go up to 8, but that seems like a stupid plan if I can't export clean midi files.

(I'll still need to go to MuseScore to add lyrics by the way - and, no, I can't afford Sibelius, and though I did buy Finale four years ago their support is so atrocious they STILL haven't resolved a registration problem so I can't use it !)

Anyone got any ideas?


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