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Default Re: Hey DIGI! How about a DSP "LE" card?


I hate to break it to you but we will not see such a product. Early in 001's life cycle Universal Audio (not a popular name to many people here from a recent online catastrophe), developed a dsp card for use with the pt le. I do beleive digi would have let it come out too if they hadnt bit the hand that fed them. In 2000 they sent out a mass mailing claiming how the ua audio dsp card was like 10 times more powerful then the tdm farm card. They compared specs with similar (not the same), pluggins, and it really pissed of digi by trying to take away from digi's tdm market. A few days later a follow up email arrived stating a sarcastic apology and a statement saying how their dsp card would no longer support pt.

Honestly why dont you simply purchase a killer new system off of Allens thread. From what i understand from some user testimonies, their system can skunk the whole full tdm setup, and compete with hd system (minus the track limit).

You wont see a product like this come out from digi i assure you.

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