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Default Hey DIGI! How about a DSP "LE" card?

It has been mentioned before in this forum, that it would be nice with a "light" DSP card for Pro Tools LE .. that way we would get a taste of what the "real" Pro Tools is like, without having it all, right? Just like with Pro Tools LE ..
I mean with all the competition from Mackie's UAD and TC Powercore, Digidesign would probably win much by producing a "DSP LE" card for it's LE-users. It would definately not compete with HD or any of the larger systems as it would be limited to a certain amount of plugins without the option to buy several "LE" cards (although it would be nice if one could have more than one, but then it would be a competition to the larger DSP farm cards)
Just a thought that welcomes a response from Digidesign [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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