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Default Re: Noobie - and Latency

You get latency or you get an actual echo (like a reverb?)
{ is not a reverb echo no effects in signal path dry as a bone}
{when I select analog 1 from focus-rite only vocal is straight no latency}

How are you monitoring/listening when tracking?
{using the headphone jack only of the focus-rite}
{ HP 01 and HP 02 connect one or two pairs of stereo headphones at the two (6.25 mm) TRS jack sockets below the controls. The headphone outputs always carry the signals that are currently routed to analogue outputs 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 respectively (as stereo pairs) in Scarlett

What exact headphones?
{beyerdynamic DT770 PPO 80 OHM}
Open back headphones may create more of a challenge for yourself. And in some cases when used close to the mic actually cause an echo sound or feedback.

What exact microphone plugged in where?
{Sure SM48S plugged into Input 1 using XLR input sockets

What latency are you getting at those small IO Buffer size setting. You can estimate that by recording a click track. and measuring the latency between the click track and audio track. (direct record the click track inside Pro Tools can make it easier to measure between matching clicks)

{will have to work on that}

Can you record using hardware monitoring through the Scarlet?
{mute monitor outputs 1&2 on Scarlet.
Set Line output 3&4 to mono.
select analog 1 (mic input) for output 3
select Playback (DAW)1 for output 4.

I can record but only mono vocal in left side daw playback in right side}

As you increase the IO Buffer size do you get a fairly linear/expected consistent increase in latency.
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