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Default Re: Much more CPU usage since 19.5

I'm a self-taught one-man home-based songwriter/producer who rarely seeks help, so apologies about not understanding this forum ... I thought I was adding to a discussion on CPU/2019.5 issues which I had Googled.

If interested, yes Delay Compensation is ALWAYS on as is low-latency monitoring and the hi/lo buffer settings for play/rec. These problems weren't evident in my files using 2018.x. I've also deleted the 'system' Preference files/folders, restarted and reinstalled 2019.5. I've also deleted the Wavecache.wfm files for good measure. Nothing helped.

I've fixed the drum issues by dragging the MIDI block arrangements out of EZ Drummer 2 into their own PT tracks that use EZ2 purely for the sound samples.

AVID's published workarounds are always complex, time-consuming and rarely work. I'm surprised there isn't also a "turn off then on" suggestion :)

PS. Where else can I simply log technical issues along with screen grabs?
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