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Default Re: El Capitan support - update from Avid needed

People can cherry-pick the numbers to say almost anything. Avid has evolved into a very mature high-end niche company. They lost their shirt attempting to expand into hobbyist audio and video. This disappointed the folks playing SillyCon-man Vallee stocks who are now whining about how much Avid's stock has dropped from the time their investments inflated its value. The fact remains that Avid has survived where Steinberg, E-Magic, Neve and SSL have all failed and been acquired by somebody else. Dollar-wise their biggest market is broadcast television which is also their oldest market.

I can't imagine the time frame for new OS support is anything other than ASAP. Unlike other developers they don't claim "support" before they are pretty sure everything is solid enough for professional use as opposed to the SillyCon-man Vallee hobbyist standard of "sort-of" working.
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