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Default El Capitan support - update from Avid needed

This is an open comment to Avid

We user / owners of your USB series hardware (on OSx/El Capitan) have been patiently awaiting an update on hardware drivers. We have not had ANY official contact on these boards regarding where these drivers are in the development process, or whether there is an installation procedure to allow the old drivers to operate.

The only official comments that we users have received have been not to install El Capitan. This is simply not feasible for the great majority of users. There are significant software barriers that require us to update our operating systems to the latest version.

We did not purchase entire systems from Avid (CPU, storage, interface). We purchased the interface only. That indicates that we users will tend to use the CPU for more than audio use, and you cannot reasonably expect us to keep our configurations frozen until you certify. You have an obligation to your customers. Improve your communication and support.
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