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Sorry, but your answer doesn't clarify.... Mac Cubase rig. & 2nd Mac PT Hdx/Omni rig , going through an 01v96 for monitoring.. I used to have an RME Adat card in the cubase mac feeding 16 channels of adat to the Omni PT rig to bus, record, & then monitor through the Yamaha, but lost the card in a fire. So debating getting a new $1000 RME replacement card for cubase output, or trying to send stems through ethernet into Protools HDX. is the Problem you can't use the Hdx Omni for audio output if you're using Dante as input for PT ?. If so, what's the point of Dante if you can't output or monitor the audio in protools ? will a $400 Dante yamaha 01v card solve this ?

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