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Default Re: Physical RAM is running Low error

Originally Posted by notedmusic View Post
Already created a new admin user (part of optimized list)

What do you mean by "get rid" of it? Disable it in startup? Is this a known conflict?
I meant run your computer without it installed. Do a search, Adobe forums say it is a CPU hog.

Here are screen shots of my Mac Pro tower with PT 11.3.2 running with no session..., followed with PT11.3.2 and the PT11 demo loaded. Says I have 27 GB of mem available.

Your screen shot shows protools is using 8GB, mine shows about 1GB. Can you describe how many tracks you have loaded?
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PT10.3.10HD(Tyan s2932 [8core Shanghai 2.7GHZ] 32GB,Win7 SP1); PT10HD(Tyan s2892 w/10GB, Win7 SP1);PT8HD(Dell 690 quad Xeon 3.0, 8GB, Win7,192 I/O, 96 I/O);MacBook Pro: 11R, Apogee Element 46, Focusrite 8PreX PT HD 11.3.2; Mac Pro 3.47 Hex 32GB, OSX 10.12.6/L10.4.2;L9.1.8, 2.64TB; G5 D2.3 4GB, 10.4.11/L8; 12c MP 2.66/32GB PT12.4; Structure, GigaGS3, Kontakt 5, Garratin, Sibelius 8.7+, Finale26,EMU,Vegas Pro 16-10/; RME HDSP9652,MOTU 2408 MKIII/1224/308, FX,Kurz,L5s,Strat,ASAT,JB,Zon

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