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Default Re: Physical RAM is running Low error

Originally Posted by notedmusic View Post
Thanks man,

I'm glad to know this is a problem in PT 12 as well. We need a fix for both versions, I shouldn't have to pay another $1000 for an HD upgrade for something that never worked when I bought it!
I've always had either "out of CPU" or "out of memory" errors and I've tried several trips to the apple store and every "usual" fix I can think of.

Interestingly enough, when I use non-HD interfaces, it seems to work a little bit better... however, there are still significant problems with larger sessions well below the maximum ram.

Do you have an active support? Can you reach out to AVID tech and see what is going on?
I was considering getting the non-hd upgrade to PT 12 *if* it would fix this problem, but apparently this is not a PT 11 specific problem. And if it was I'd be seriously upset that the thousands of dollars I've already paid haven't produced a working-as-advertised product. I initially thought it was a problem with the PLAY engine being incompatible, but now after many trial-and-error sessions and patchs I think the issue is with PRO TOOLS.

Any other ideas?
Anyone else with this problem should not pay for the upgrade, it will not fix your issue...
My initial reaction to your OP was that the problem was probably Play or an incompatibility between Play and Kontakt. Have you tried uninstalling Play, (the engine not the samples,) and running similarly sized session with just Kontakt. Personally I've long since given up on Play as a bad loss. It's always been far more trouble than it's worth IMO.
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