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Default Re: Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre X

I'm continuing to be impressed by this Clarett 4Pre I recently picked up.

The preamps, Air vs non-Air mode, is just wonderful. They are both really, really good. It's just a matter of, do you want warm, or do you want a little brightness added to it. Neither is bad. I've even recorded some acoustic guitar thinking Air was on, being really impressed, then realizing I never turned Air on. Re-tracking with Air on, it wasn't better, just different. It's definitely not over the top or harsh in any way, which is always my fear with these things. One man's air is another man's ice pick.

Latency is also pretty great as advertised. Don't go into this thinking you can track at any old buffer size without latency, because that's just not possible, but 32 and 64 are both pretty much impossible to feel the latency. It starts to creep into your feel at 128, and at 256 is starts having an affect as expected. And 512 and above, you should obviously not expect to monitor in real time if performance could be affected.

I took some measurements in a double loop back test in Pro Tools 12, 44.1kHz. MacBook Pro i7 from 2011. Here are the realtime latency results I got...

Buffer - latency
32 ---- 2.85ms
64 ---- 4.30ms
128 --- 7.23ms
256 --- 13.00ms
512 --- 24.64ms
1024 -- 47.82ms
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