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Default Re: Tell me why I should , or shouldn\'t get a C24

To both Jim and the gentleman waiting to get the C-24 on exchange...COOL! You're welcome!

Glad I could help! That trade in saved my ass. I would have had to spend $!000 to fix an 8 channel HUI with Midi control, and instead, I used that $1,000 to finance the C-24 for $5400 with ethernet super fast control and 16 extra preamps. So, it basically cost me nothing to get rid of the broken board. For the trade, I got a bunch of extra mic pres and super fast control with a ton of other options. Also, I know for a fact from talking to firends at Digi, that they are trying really hard to get the competition off the scene when it comes to control surfaces. Hence the trade in offer staying alive now for over a year...and this C-24 is the bomb! I still like it better than the Pro Control, and I work on one of those surfaces every week as well. The Pro Control IS built better, but the C-24 is no slouch at all!

Just for another example, I just got my Native Instrument B4 upgraded to the "B4 II" this week, and you can actually use the faders on the C-24 to operate the draw bars. AND, there are other automated features for it as well. I have just touched on them today. I discovered that you can use the pan knobs for other automation on the B4 II, and the B4 II sounds awesome, by the way. It's way better than the original. I gotta tell you, just for the draw bars, it was worth the trade. If that's a plug-in you have. It's just amazing to have this board for that too!
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