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Default iLok server down - can't launch Pro Tools


no way to log in Ilok and get any support.

this is what happens when I try to open PT

Pro Tools Perpetual could not be loaded. Please contact the software publisher for support using this software.

Error details:

AuthorizationException::CloudContentKeyExchangeFai lure, 213, Cloud Content Key Exchange Failure, AuthorizationServer.cpp, line 15999, function: virtual void pace::AuthorizationServer::getContentDecryptionKey IlokCloud(pace::eden::thrift::authorize::GetConten tDecryptionKeyReturn &, const petpub::AuthChain &, const pet::fusion:ecryptionAssistData &, const vector<int8_t> &, const int64_t, const int32_t), Cloud failure: Result: ServerUnexpectedException: IlokCException(errorCodeName:kSessionOutOfSync, errorCodeValue:14, description:wrapperCryptoCombo missmatch of previous request parameters.).
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